Located in a privileged place due to its climate, between mountains, at 843,97 Msnm, the city of Estelí is one of the most pleasant of all Nicaragua with Monzón type climate of highlands, which is characterized by being subtropical dry but quite Fresh, with temperatures ranging between 25 ° C and 28 ° C, and with a very low humidity compared to other areas of the country.

The population distribution is eminently urban, 81 percent of its inhabitants live in the urban area.

It is 148 km, about 2 hours from the capital Managua, which is easily reached by the Pan-American highway.

Its urban fabric, entirely in checkerboard, as in almost all the colonial cities of America, extends through the valley between the apples, squares and gardens where public buildings such as the cathedral are located.

As head of the department of the same name and main city of the north of the country Estelí maintains a high industrial and commercial activity. The department, mountainous, keeps numerous important natural places that act as tourist attraction.

Estelí has ​​been named as the second most important city of Nicaragua, as a result of the strong commercial activity, also known as the Diamond of the Segovias.